Helicopter pilot training pricing

Fair pricing on a key investment in your future.

All helicopter flight training here is priced per course and rating.

Part 141 minimum rates are listed below. These rates are based on FAA requirements.  For a more accurate cost estimate, please contact us.

Part 61 rates are not available online.  Every student has different goals, because of this, training will vary for each student. Contact us for an estimate.

If you would like a complete cost breakdown on any specific course and rating, please contact us.

Integrated Professional Pilot Program pricing

If you’re just starting out, this is the program for you. It includes the entire flight training program for students that want to become a career helicopter pilot.

Our Chief Flight Instructor customized this program for an affordable, fast approach.  This flight training path is a combination of Part 141 courses and Part 61 flight training, designed for the student to receive the optimal flight training at the most economical cost.  (For a cost breakdown of each certificate and rating, contact us.)

You’ll start by obtaining the first item below: Your Private Pilot Certificate.  It is the primary prerequisite for all other certifications and ratings in this program.

Pre flight inspection. Helicopter pilot training at Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy in San Diego, California.
Integrated Professional Pilot ProgramAircraftPrice
Private Pilot Certificate
Robinson R22$13,760.00
Instrument Rating
Robinson R44$16,482.00
Robinson R22$28,515.00
Certified Flight Instructor
Robinson R22$8,805.00
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument
Robinson R44$10,580.00

Wondering about financing and financial aid programs? That’s the next step:

Helicopter flight training course & rating pricing

These are the Part 141 minimum rates for all individual ratings (by aircraft chosen to fly).

Helicopter Flight Training CourseAircraftPrice
Private Pilot CertificateRobinson R22$13,760.00
Private Pilot CertificateRobinson R44$22,788.00
Private Pilot Add-OnRobinson R22$7,845.00
Private Pilot Add-OnRobinson R44$13,213.00
Commercial Pilot CertificateRobinson R22$35,110.00
Commercial Pilot CertificateRobinson R44$62,438.00
Commercial Pilot Add-OnRobinson R22$10,010.00
Commercial Pilot Add-OnRobinson R44$16,354.00
Instrument RatingRobinson R44$16,482.00
Instrument Rating Add-OnRobinson R44$8,319.00
Certified Flight InstructorRobinson R22$10,645.00
Certified Flight InstructorRobinson R44$16,501.00
Certified Flight Instructor InstrumentRobinson R44$10,580.00
Airline Transport Pilot HelicopterRobinson R44$13,599.00

Advanced helicopter flight training course & rating pricing

These are the Part 141 minimum rates for all individual ratings in the advanced training category (by aircraft chosen to fly).

Advanced Helicopter Flight Training CourseAircraftPrice
Full Down AutorotationRobinson R22$1,197.50
Robinson R44$1,929.50
Bell 206 B3 JetRanger$3,192.50
Aircraft TransitionAS350 B2$8,525.00
Bell 206 B3 JetRanger$5,025.00
Aircraft RefresherRobinson R22$1,700.00
Robinson R44$2,920.00
Bell 206 B3 JetRanger$5,025.00
AS350 B2$8,525.00
Inadvertent IMC CourseFLYIT Flight Simulator$250.00
Mountain FlyingRobinson R22$1,700.00
Robinson R44$2,920.00
Bell 206 B3 JetRanger$5,025.00
AS350 B2$8,525.00

Additional training pricing

Here’s the baseline pricing for everything else.

Additional TrainingAircraftPrice
FLYIT SimulatorSimulator$150/hour
Drone Ground SchoolClassroom$550.00