How to enroll in helicopter flight training school

Simply follow these steps.

First steps:

  • Fill out the student questionnaire

    Print and fill out this student questionnaire.

  • Fill out the flight training application

  • Mail or fax both items above to us.

    Mail or fax both items above to us.

    Once these items are received and reviewed, a flight training coordinator will contact you ASAP (during regular weekday business hours).


  • Proof of citizenship

    This consists of one of the following:

    • An original US birth certificate
    • A valid US passport
    • US Naturalization document
  • A valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID

The process:

We are not accepting international students at this time.

Let us know if you need assistance at any point in the process:

Enrollment & Admissions FAQ

Students at Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy must be a minimum of 16 years old.

Our fax number is (858) 874-3038.

Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy
3753 John J. Montgomery Drive, Hangar 9
San Diego, CA 92123


  • Donald A. Vance Md


  • George W. Merkle Md

Chula Vista

  • Charles A. Camarata Md


  • Mark Scheurer Md


  • Timothy J. Coen MD

La Jolla

  • Joseph Hong DO
  • Gregory C. Mattson MD


  • Edward L. Esteb Md
  • Larry J. Marshall Md

San Diego

  • Jeffrey H. Dysart Md
  • Joseph Hong Md
  • David V. Rousseau Md
  • Robert Houghton Md
  • Joseph Allen Md

Solana Beach

  • Seymour Myers Md


  • Gregory D. Smith Md

When Training Begins

  • Private Pilot Ground Syllabus
  • Logbook
  • Current FAR/AIM
  • Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
  • Jeppesen Private Pilot Handbook
  • R22 Pilot’s Operating Handbook

When Possible

  • ASA Private Pilot Practical Test Standards (PTS)
  • Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide Helicopter
  • Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) SW US
  • Los Angeles Sectional Chart
  • San Diego Sectional Chart
  • San Diego VFR Terminal Area Chart
  • Aviation Plotter
  • E6B Computer
  • Knee Board

For Your Written

  • Private Pilot Test Prep

More Resources

  • Principles Of Helicopter Flight
  • Aviation Weather
  • Aviation Weather Services


  • Notebook
  • Calculator
  • Flashlight for Night Flights

For Practice Tests

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