Financing helicopter flight training

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We offer you various options to finance your helicopter flight training.

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Lenders and financiers


Pilot Finance, Inc.

Earn your wings with affordable monthly payments.

Pilot Finance is a private lending institution specializing in loaning money for flight training for private pilot and/or instrument rating candidates in both airplanes and helicopters.

Students with good credit and reasonable debt-to-income ratios can expect lower interest rates and payments.

Loans are available for any dollar amount consistent with your credit score and debt-to-income ratio.

Financing & Financial Aid FAQ

We do accept various forms of financial aid, as well as loans from financial institutions.

This works on an individual basis, so please verify with us before submitting your loan application.


Part 61 training is not VA-approved, so it is not eligible for G.I. Bill reimbursements.

As of January 2017, we are unable to accept new flight training students using VA benefits.

New regulations from the Veterans Benefits Administration require flight schools to have an annual GAAP accounting audit that will cost our flight school a large sum each year. Without this audit, they will terminate our VA renewal application.

Unfortunately, we are one of the first schools to be affected by the new regulations. All flight schools in the United States will have this same requirement upon their renewal date. Very few of them can afford this extensive audit that must be carried out by CPA’s and attorneys.

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