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Realize your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot at Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy.  Dedicated to training the next generation of elite helicopter pilots, we offer you much more than just helicopter flight instruction… we’ll give you guidance into the aviation community to help you achieve your career goals.

Easy as 1-2-3

Everything you need to know about helicopter flight training


Choose your training

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Begin by choosing the training you want.

Already a pilot? Earn helicopter add-ons or Expand your rating with these Advanced Courses.


Pricing & financing

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All helicopter flight training rates are priced per course or rating.

Pricing varies depending on the specific training path you choose.

Financing is available in a number of ways, so cost should not get in the way of making your dreams a reality.


Learn how to enroll

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The enrollment and admissions process is easy and straightforward.

Here are the steps, requirements, and the process for:

If you’d like to speak with our graduates (worldwide), contact us.

Email us if you need help or have any questions at all, or simply call (858) 264-7717.

Benefits we offer you:



You want to learn from a school that maintains the highest level of safety standards throughout your flight training.

At at Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy, your safety is always the top priority.



Pilots have been training with Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy since 1990. Hundreds of pilots have attained their licenses and ratings here.

Complete training

Choose from a full set of pilot training courses and options including, private, commercial, instrument, CFI, CFII, ATP, add-ons, a helicopter flight simulator, degree program affiliations, and advanced flight training.

Get in the action

Benefit from exposure to the diverse daily helicopter operations of Corporate Helicopters, and a San Diego (Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport) training environment.

Training options

Students enjoy multiple training options. You can follow the best path for your life.

Train with the best

All helicopter flight instructors are carefully selected and adhere not only to the high standards in our industry, but the additional standards of Corporate Helicopters.
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Flight simulator

A state-of-the-art helicopter flight simulator lets you fly in multiple cities, across different weather conditions and environments.

Financing options

Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy offers you various options to finance your helicopter flight training.

Reach your goals, realize your dreams

Have concrete aviation goals? This school will help you achieve them. Not 100% sure yet? Why not schedule an introductory flight lesson?

This is a cost-effective way to actually fly a helicopter – and make sure it’s something you want to pursue, prior to enrollment.

Read more below.

Try piloting a helicopter - before you enroll.

Actually fly the helicopter.

Interested in becoming a helicopter pilot, but want to try it first?  Take an introductory helicopter flight lesson.

After just 30 minutes of ground school, you’ll embark on a flight where you can actually fly the helicopter.

This is a safe, supervised way to try being a helicopter pilot before making the financial and time investment in flight school.

Helicopter student and pilot flying near Torrey Pines in Del Mar


My experience from initial enrollment to completion with Corporate Helicopters has been nothing short of absolute excellence.

Two pilots in a helicopter in-flight
Vince Carter, Private Pilot

I have been coming to Corporate Helicopters for the past two months to earn my Private Pilot License. It has been a great experience from day one. They have great staff members and very experienced, knowledgeable pilots to train you and get you where you want to be.

Two pilots in a helicopter in-flight
Daniel Mosquera, Flight Student

From my first intro flight, the flight instructors at Corporate Helicopters have been professional and extremely flexible to fit my training in between my busy travel schedule. They have continued to make flight training truly enjoyable.

Two pilots in a helicopter in-flight
Dave Cloutier, Flight Student

Corporate Helicopters has given me the opportunity to receive a higher caliber of professional flight training in a great location that gives us experience in busy airspace and sunny days year round to keep training moving quickly.

Man stands next to helicopter
Josh Young, Flight Student

I was smiling for the entire flight, so much so that my face hurt… I was hooked immediately. I set out to earn my helicopter rating.

Two pilots in a helicopter in-flight
Jim Hannemann

I will always cherish the time I spent as a student at Corporate Helicopters, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an environment of professionalism, encouragement and dedication.

Man standing next to red helicopter
Greg Simons