About Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy

Dedicated to training the next generation of elite helicopter pilots.

Exceptional helicopter pilot training in San Diego.

Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy is an FAA-approved helicopter flight school.

Contact us to schedule a tour of the facility or take an introductory flight lesson.

An overview of the benefits to you:



You want to learn from a school that maintains the highest level of safety standards throughout your flight training.At at Corporate Helicopter Flight Training Academy, your safety is always the top priority.


Pilots have been training with Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy since 1990. Hundreds of pilots have attained their licenses and ratings here.

Complete training

Choose from a full set of pilot training courses and options including, private, commercial, instrument, CFI, CFII, ATP, add-ons, a helicopter flight simulator, degree program affiliations, and advanced flight training.

Get in the action

Benefit from exposure to the diverse daily helicopter operations of Corporate Helicopters, and a San Diego (Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport) training environment.

Training options

CHFTA offers Part 61 training. This a more flexible, less rigid type of training.

Reach your goals, realize your dreams

Have concrete aviation goals? This school will help you achieve them. Not 100% sure yet? Why not schedule an introductory flight lesson?  This is a cost-effective way to actually fly a helicopter – and make sure it’s something your want to pursue, prior to enrollment.
Helicopter pilot and student inside a Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter

Train with the best

All helicopter flight instructors are carefully selected and adhere not only to the high standards in our industry, but the additional standards of Corporate Helicopters.

Flight simulator

A state-of-the-art helicopter flight simulator lets you fly in multiple cities, across different weather conditions and environments.

Financing options

Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy offers you various options to finance your helicopter flight training.

Meet the helicopters

Robinson R44 Cadet hovers on an airfield

Robinson R44 Cadet

Versatility. Power. Performance. Perfect for instrument rating.

This two-seat helicopter features the latest and greatest in technology, making it easier and faster for you to get through your ratings.  It’s configured for maximum ease of learning and is appointed for serious flight training. It’s also comfortable, with air conditioning and leather seats.

This is a great helicopter for larger students too – as the seat weight limit accommodates up to 300 pounds.

R44 helicopter in flight

Robinson R44

Stability & Power

The Robinson R44 Raven II is a 4 seat helicopter that offers stability and power.  This helicopter can hold a higher maximum gross weight than a Robinson R22, so student over 210 pounds would begin their flight training in this helicopter.  It’s equipped with air conditioning and hydraulics.

Top Benefits:

  • Students can reach proficiency in a short amount of time
  • Most students choose this helicopter for instrument training
Robinson R22 helicopter in flight

Robinson R22

The classic starter helicopter.

The Robinson R22 Beta II is a two place, light utility helicopter with responsive handling and quick maneuverability.

It is the most cost-efficient helicopter for flight training due to it’s lightweight frame and fuel-efficiency.

Meet the helicopter flight simulator

Safe helicopter training at a fraction of the cost. FAA-approved VFR and IFR training.
Cockpit view inside the helicopter flight simulator

Top of the line, realistic simulator.

A 93″ wide x 78″ high, out-the-window view provides 110º of accurate situational and positional awareness.
The Sydney Opera house as shown in the helicopter flight simulator. Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy.

Fly around the world.

The simulator allows for various scenarios including weather variations and emergency procedures for the Robinson R22, R44, Schweizer 300, Enstrom 280 FX, MD 500, Bell 206 and limited Astar AS350. Fly at just about any geographic location.
Instructor and student review flight performance on computers.

Save time & money.

The flight simulator allows students and commercial pilots in maintain a high level of proficiency at a fraction of the cost of actual flights.
Student and instructor fly in a helicopter flight simulator.

Professional instruction.

The simulator accommodates both student and instructor, so students are trained by experienced pilots inside the simulator.

Meet the team

Ivor and Deann Shier with a dog

Ivor & Deann Shier

President & CEO

Deann and Ivor Shier are the founders of Shier Aviation dba Corporate Helicopters.  The company started in 1990 and has grown tremendously since then offering various helicopter services in Southern California including: charters, tours, aerial filming and photography, helicopter maintenance, and flight training.

They started Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy to offer safer and more professional flight instruction that would train students to become exceptional career pilots. Through the years it is clear, they conquered their goal and continue to produce the finest helicopter pilots in the industry.

Gary Roesink, Chief Pilot at Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy in San Diego, California.

Gary Roesink

Chief Pilot

As Chief Pilot at Corporate Helicopters, Gary oversees the pilots and their training to assure safe and efficient operations.  His presence over CHFTA is no different.

With a commitment to providing the best pilots in the industry, Gary leads the team with strict safety standards and insures high quality flight instruction.

Ally Stern

Ally Stern

Flight Training Coordinator

As the administrator of Corporate Helicopters Flight Training Academy, Ally is a vital part of the flight training program..

Ally’s #1 job priority is supporting flight training students.  From the beginning, Ally will guide you through the process and support each student as they complete training.

General FAQ

Common general questions:

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3753 John J Montgomery Drive, Hangar 9
San Diego, California 92123

(858) 264-7717


We operate out of Montgomery field airport, and our offices are not equipped with living facilities.

We do have recommendations that are near to our facilities and are working on obtaining discounted pilot rates for these locations.

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